Throughout his recruiting process, we worked alongside wide receiver, David Bell on developing a future vision for his personal brand.

After getting to know David and learning about things important to him, we were able to develop three logo concepts that represented who he was as a person both on and off the football field. During his official visit, we were able to educate him and his family on the importance of having a strong personal brand.
Next, we were able to help him visualize how he could build his personal brand, starting with logo development. 

With several potential concepts, we picked and presented three that we felt best fit who he was both on and off the football field.
After talking through each concept with him and his family and learning more about the story that he wanted to share with his audience, we took notes and went back to the drawing board. 

Combing colors that were of importance to him, symbols that were near and dear to his heart and future career goals, we were able to put together a final presentation to help David see the potential in developing his personal brand as a football student-athlete.
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