zro__g x Phenom Elite
In 2023, Phenom - a rising sports performance brand - enlisted the help of zro-g to develop a new creative and art direction that would span across all product verticals and capture the desired elite, swift, high-energy feel of their products and brand values. We challenged ourselves to use their shard asset, taken from the P icon, in order to to amplify their visual language.

We were tasked with developing key art samples, a design language system for product lines, web assets, social media templates, and a product technology icon set.
Mood Board Development
Capitalizing on Phenom's proprietary shard element, we wanted a creative identity that would be multifunctional and modular, while capturing elements that invoked a sense of sharpness and shattering.
Key Art Exploration
Demonstrated below is the initial key art exploration that sought to embody movement, energy, and the shattering referenced previously. It was essential that the creative elements could house aspects of a broader creative identity within itself, to allow for accessibility and modularity throughout the creative identity. The shard was to be used in a multitude of different settings, so we looked to create an identity that would accommodate for such.  
Website Assets
Social Media Templates
Product Tech Icon Set
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